Malaysian Curry Laksa Recipe









My delicious version:
1. 1 lb angel hairs or rice noodles (beehoon) or 1/2 lb each, cook accordingly
2. 4 oz bean sprouts
3. 1 package fish balls, sliced
4. 1 package fried bean curb (tau hu bok), sliced
5. 2 32 oz. Chicken broth
6. 1 can of coconut milk and 1 can of evaporated milk

Curry paste blended
7. 6 stalks lemon grass, thinly diced
8. 1 TBS Galangal (lengkuas) powder or an inch fresh Galangal
9. 7 Dried red chillies
10. 7 fresh red chillies
11. 1/4″ shrimp paste (blacan)
12. 7 cloves garlic
13. 2 medium size onion or 12 shallots, diced
14. 2 TBS Turmeric powder or 2″ fresh turmeric
15. 1″ fresh ginger
16. 7 pcs candlenuts (buah keras)
17. 2 TBS cooking oil

Additional ingredients
18. 2 cups of shredded chicken meat or dried curry chicken
19. Fresh cut chillies
20. Limes, halved

A. Brown blended curry paste (7-17)
B. Add #5, bring to boil and cook for 15 mins on medium heat
C. Add #3 and #4, cook for 15 mins, turn to heat to low
D. Add #6, simmer for 5 mins
E. Place parboiled noodle or rice noodle or both on a soup bow, top with some chicken meat, # 2, some fish balls, fried bean curbs. Scoop up some Curry Laksa on each bowl.
D. Squeeze 1/2 lime juice and enjoy.


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