Yummy Thai Tom Yum Soup


1. 16 pcs fish, about 1 lb each, fillet them and marinade with 1 Tbs cooking wine, salt, 1 Tbs minced gingers. Fish bones cook for soup stock
2. 3 gloves garlic, minced
3. 4 stalks lemon grass, sliced
4. 1 small fresh Turmeric
5. 4 limes, skins for zest, juice sets aside, remained throw into the soup
6. 8 Tbs rice vinegar or 8 pcs of dried tamarind
7. 4 Tbs Tom Yum paste
8. 1 Tbs red chili paste or 1 tsp red pepper power
9. 1 tsp Galangal power or 1 pc of fresh Galangal
10. 1 can of straw mushroom
11. 1 bowl of rice noodle (optional)
12. Salt and pepper
13. 1 tsp of cooking oil

A. Brown fish bones lightly with oil and gingers. (Put them into a soup cotton bag, if desire.) Put the bones in the 6 cup boiled water pot and cook for 20 mins. Take out the bones.
B. Brown lightly # 2-4 and add to soup
C. Add # 5-10, 12 to soup
D. Heat up skillet, add 1 tsp cooking oil and cook fish till done.
Serve with # 11

We caught so many fish, so I cooked them as such. You can cook them with any soup stock and fillet fish.


Crocker? fish from the bay






We do have lemon grass in our backyard. Lucky me.








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