15 days Chinese New Year dishes


Happy Chinese New Year!

Here is the list I am going to cook for 15 days

My suggestions for 15 days Chinese New Year Celebration
1. Hinhua long life noodles with pork stomach white pepper soup
2. Hainan Chicken Rice with special garlic ginger sauce, & Hainan chili
3. Nyonya Stewed soy sauce pork belly
4. Shanghai fried “year” noodle (nian gao)
5. Fried Dumpling and dumpling soup
6. Taiwanese Sha Char Chicken
7. Malaysian Goat curry
8. Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
9. Hotpot
10. Broiled pompano fish
11. Deep-Fried Crispy shrimp
12. Stewed meatball with sea cucumber
13. Stuffed vegetable (bell peppers, mushroom, bitter squash, bean paste sheets, tofu)
14. Drunken Chicken
15. Stir-fried Vegetable Platter


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