Love Letter 13


The kitchen for ESE trade school is in. Yeah bought from Ikea.


The lights, outlets, switches were in the process two days ago.


So glad to be able to FaceTime and Message through iPhone and iPad. Your company makes a good decision. Now, I can communicate to you easily.

Even though the centre for ESE has a week off for the Muslims’ New Year as well as the school holiday, I had to be in the office for the plumber and electricians. It was a miraculous experience to see the left front vacant room(about 700 sq ft) in the building going through the process of transformation to a great kitchen for cooking school. A trade school for ESE youth should be ready soon be the end of this month. Nevertheless, the preparation can be overwhelming, I just have to spend more time to pray, and pray, and pray for wisdom and discernment for this ministry and training program. Now the sink is in. All the outlets and lights installed. It is amazing! I am waiting for the 2.5 horsepower air-conditioner to be installed this week.

Tomorrow we will have out first official cooking demonstration training. We have divided our nine youths into teams for different duties. Then, one of my team leaders and I will demonstrate how to do the cooking presentation for the youths. On Wednesday, two of the young adults will join in for the presentation with the rest of the youths for the class teachers. Exciting! Right!

Love you from KL


Love Letter 12

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to our Muslim friends! Enjoy the family bonding time and friendships during this festive season! Today is the official day to be back to work for many business.

This morning, I prepared myself to follow the instruction from the bank in US, to drive to the embassy of the USA at downtown, Jalan Tun Razak, to have the refinance document from the bank’s title company to be signed and notarized.

Adventure began.

I left home at 7:45am. Went to the office to print the documents. Since this week is the school holiday, no single soul in the office. Thanks to my PA for given me the keys to the office. The office had changed the locks many times, the children in the centre have many ways to damage the locks. LOL!

After I printed the documents, I realized that I may need to bring my passport and permanent resident card to have the documents notarized. I went back home. However, I found out I lost the key for the trunk where I kept important documents. I broke the lock. Will have to fix it this week.

About 9am, I drove through town and parked for RM 8 near to the embassy. You can imagine, the line was long.


It was 9:30am. I went in at about 11:15am. After security checked, I took a number and sat and dozed off and waited. One officer said, I needed two witnesses. I was not about to go back and wait another few hours. She suggested me to ask those in the waiting area for help. I went and announced, “ladies and gentlemen, I need two witnesses to prove I am the person who signs a document…”. Boy! Immediately, I had a young man and a gentleman volunteers to do so. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you! My heart is still warmed from the two kind guys. God blessed them.

It costs USD 50 for the notarized document. (OUGH!)


I bought some Vtech Phones with message recorders from eBay for my mom and also for the centres. I have to pick them up in the post office near the LCC, low cost airport in Sepang. I drove for about 45 mins. They told me I have to apply permit for SIRIM in Shah Alam and asked me to call thm before I go. I called and was instructed to go to Sec. 2, SIRIM, block 25, counter 2. Mercy! After another 45 mins drive and went round and round PKNS building, I asked and told to turn right. The lady is the counter told me to read the notice and told me the office is closed till end of the week. I told her I called from the post office in the LCC low cost airport and was instructed… She said if you don’t believe you can drive to block 25. I did. There were three persons in the counter. The lights were off. The automatic door was not locked. I went in and they gave me instructions and forms, after I told them what I had been through. I have a long list of documentation to email in and asked to wait for instructions. … By then, it was about 4:20pm. I drove back home.

I was supposed to rest. Yet, I remembered I can call the FedEx to pick up the documents. After several attempts (Digi phone service is bad in our area), the wonderful customer service guy told me the pick up will be at our house before 6pm. It was 5pm. The driver came at 5:20pm. Yeah! My kind of model company. The documents are on the way, okay!

Just have to take it easy and rest for the rest of the day! Will call you all tonight. JJ called me FaceTime this morning at 9:30am KL time. I was running around.

I just took the dog for a stroll in the neighborhood. I saw the most beautiful yellow bird. You can read more about it wiki


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Missed missed missed from KL

Love Letter 11


Follow up on signing the document for the bank on refinancing.

Now is Hari Raya in Malaysia. Monday and Tuesday are holidays. I can only take the trip to the US embassy in downtown Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Not that I am not doing it. I know the urgency. I have to print out the form in the office. The office is closed for a week, for it is also school holiday this week. Then go to the embassy. Then need to look for FedEx in KL. I wonder why can’t they change the procedure to using Skype or FaceTime. Then they will see me signing it in person on IPad and then I send it by email instantly. I did email and explain the situation back and forth. No. No. No. One of the officers said. Dinosaur management system!

Change is needed for banks. They can set the date for the closing to hit the target of the sale this month. It is not up to me to send it in on time. I have to wait till tomorrow. After i have it done. They still have to wait for the FedEx. Even FedEx is a snail mail now.

Love and Blessings from KL

Love Letter 10

Hi, love,

USA is always ahead of any country. I am afraid, some practices are not keeping up with today world.

I was asked to sign the house refinancing loan document for the title company in the embassy office and then FedEx back to US from KL, Malaysia. For today technology, I believe it can be done through Skype or FaceTime. No. I have to do it the snail mail or the old fashioned way. Another challenge is that, I am going paperless. So, I will have to go to the school office and print the document out. However, next week is school holiday and Malay Hari Raya holiday. The school is closed.

The mosquitos have woke me up many times. I just have to turn on the electric mosquito aluminum mat or get a mosquito net. Waking up middle of the night is not a pleasant thing. So, I am making full use my waking hours–writing, planning, reading, praying.

The kitchen for the cooking school for the ESE youth is soon to be ready. The plumber and the electrician are going to work on it next week. We got the refrigerator, sink and kitchen cabinets. Sure, we do need to furnish it. We will get them done. Keep on praying to see Him for the preparation.

I trained two young adults to cook Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken in the cooking school two days ago. The team of 9 youths and a teacher enjoyed it so much. We all agreed that recipe will be in our selected list for the cooking school. Thanks to my sister for sharing the recipe.

Since the centre is not charging the youths for the pilot training program, we do have to spend money on grocery. One option is to collect their lunch money, so we did. They usually buy lunch from the near by restaurant and cost them RM5-10. We discussed and consented to collect RM5. The leader of the week collected the money from 8 youths and a teacher, total RM45. We paid for RM23 for the chicken, 2kg. Organic cucumber, tomato, and potato were RM5 for three bags. Coconut milk, RM2 and candlenut, RM1. 5 cups of Brown rice, 2 cups of shallot, some garlic, ginger were donated by my mom. I got the lemongrass from the container garden in the front yard. We spent RM31. It is amazing. Lol! We use the Saladmaster MP5 and Saladmaster 12″ electric skillet. Loving it. Delicious and healthy meal, for we used only 1 tsp olive oil for the cooking. My sister said she did not even put any oil for it. Unbelievable for cooking curry. Yes, a healthy cooking school is here.

On Thursday, my friend and I watch a musical drama, Paper Crane by local writer and composer and actors at KLPac in Sentul West, KL. There are two languages for the show, Cantonese and English. We truly enjoyed it. Despite the google map took us to a road of nowhere, because of the light train station, for the road leads to the place is cut off. We spent two and the half hours in the road. One part of the road lead us back to the town. Thank you, Jesus. My friend and I are a great team. We are not quitters. We arrived 25 mins late. The box office had mercy on us, allowed us to pay the tickets and gave us two better seats. The building is inspiring as well. It nears to the old railway depot. Loads of characters! On the way back, we were stuck in the traffic on Tenku Abdullah Man road. Hahaha! The Hari Raya is this weekend, the markets were crowded with shoppers at 11:30 pm. We make it home safely near midnight.

From KL





Love Letter 9

For these three days, the church has fast and prayers for 5:30am-7am. We praise and pray in the Spirit. Today message is about grow strong in the Spirit through prayers, reading His word, Christ dwells in our heart, and fill with all the fullness of God. Yesterday, the message is about remember God is in control, humble, confess, and repent. We were fill with the loving Spirit of God. Comforted and spirit-lifted.

I am greatly disturbed by some organization issues in the centers. I trust the Lord will direct and show ways to resolve them. God is merciful. Grants wisdom, inspiration, and revelation. Will share with you more how is our Lord clears the path. At least, now, I know, not by might or power, but by the Spirit of God.

The ESE trade school met officially yesterday. We had praise and worship. We checked their academic progress. We are learning about Holland’s interest and skills checklist. Will analyze them today. We focus to have them train to reach to their full potential. There are totally 9 youths participating in the training. We divided the task for the cooking demonstration on 27 and 29 of August. We will teach them grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.

The order for Saladmaster is placed. Most probably the order will be arriving in two weeks. We need to wire transfer the money today. Two of our youths will learn the skills and trade. Pray that they acquire the skills, have the strength, and enjoy the new adventure. We will support them and guide them. The kitchen, soon, will be ready. It is an amazing journey to watch how our God open the door.

My mom and I have lost 3-4 kg. I know partly is the cooking with Saladmaster and drinking with alkaline water, partly we have our walks each day. My mom walks with her neighbor and I walk with the dog, Juju. Yeah, you are right, the dog of my niece.

Love from KL



Love Letter 8

I killed a cricket in the bathroom today.
I heard it sang all night yesterday.
I wonder how this creature came in my room.
I wonder.

It took me 2 1/2 hours put the information of John C. Maxwell, Your Roadmap for Success chapter 1 unto the power point. I shared it with the staff in the kindergarten. Maxwell defines success is a journey. The principles are concentrate on one main goal, concentrate on continual improvement, forget the past, and focus on the future. This study will go across KL office, PJ office, and Ipoh office. The 8 youths in the trade school as well.

You know my main goal is to help children with special needs. I praise Jesus that our students with autism and dyslexia after interventions and continual supports, they are learning each day and moving grade to grade. However, it is time for them to learn a trade and make a living. I am, right now, concentrate to set up a trade school for them. I want them to run a business. They will sell Saladmaster. At least two youths (18 and 19) will train to pursue this career. Another 6 youths will learn to support them. Pray for them. That is why we are getting the kitchen ready. The plumber is coming to put the sink, water pipings together for us.

My 6th sister invited my mom and I for a Hakka dish–stuffed eggplants, stuffed okras, stuffed hot peppers, and stuffed bean paste sheets. Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! Home cook food. Yummy!

How is the worship celebration on Sunday?

Love from KL



Love letter 7

Hi, love:

I am reading a book, Use Your Faith Energy by David Yonggi Cho. Rev. Cho leads the largest church in the world, 75 millions members.


He says, we need to by faith proclaim that, “it shall be done.”. We will filled with inspiration, revelation, and wisdom. And the Holy Spirit grants us strength.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Proclaiming by faith, “I can!” When you know it can be done, you will see the steps for implementation.

Knowing the market in US is bad. Knowing the age, and or qualification can be challenges.
Yet, proclaim by faith, “I want to see you, Lord. I can. It shall be done.”

Hope this short sharing will lifted you to see Him and His mighty acts.

Praise Jesus!

I had been cleaning our 15 years of collection in the room. Feel good to have things cleared from the shelves. It will take me a long time, but I am doing it. I can. It shall be done.



I was craving for Hokkien noodles and Satay. So, I took my mom to have a bowl of Loh Mee RM 6, , a plate of Hokkien beehoon mee RM6, 5 pcs satay chicken RM3, and a coconut drink RM 4.50 and barley drink RM 1.50 at the Millennium coffee shop in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya. Yum.


Coconut drink

After dinner, we went to the night market, just right where we were. I bought 4 AAA Sony batteries for RM10, 2 small hair clips for RM1, 1 basket of lime for RM1, and 1 basket of ginger for RM1. Ya, you can live a simple life in Malaysia.

I am waiting for you to join me. Miss ya.