Love Letter 1

Dear love,

How was the vacation? I trust the Lord that it is a good one. Wish I can be there. Yet, Lord has me taking care of His business here in Malaysia. I praise Him for the honor. He is with us, who can against us.

I surely missed you and JJ and HH. God shows me to write to you each day. I will cc to the kids. This is what I am doing so.

Today, Selangor state is holiday. I was able to take my mom to visit her 4th sister’s family in old town PJ. I got to visit them for about an hour. Hope to share with them more about Christ in the future.

I also went to the kindergarten. We had a great meeting. We decided to hire an Indonesian contractor to paint the kindergarten this weekend. The labor cost is RM1000 for the interior. Another contractor told me it will cost RM20,000 for in n out. Hahaha, I feel like I am learning to be a contractor. Talk about painting, the centre in PJ had spent about RM1100 for upstairs and downstairs. Our older students (ages 13-19) and teachers painted the place. I am so very proud of them.

That is all for now. Will share with you more each day.

Fr Your sweetheart


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