Love Letter 2


So happy to know you all had a wonderful trip.

After eating loads of all you can eat food…I bet each one of you putting on pounds. Hahaha!

The kids must be delighted for the blessings from your dad, $250 each. Wow! Rotten eggs!

It is amazing the refinance process going smoothly. Saving a few hundreds dollars in today market is a miracle. Praise God!

I was busy putting a brochure for the Exceptional Student Education trade school for hours today. I was thinking and putting information for the new program. I am getting excited as well. Knowing that our youth will be learning business, administrative, training, cooking skills.

The most exciting part is that I talked to one of the team members and found out that she has a business diploma and has been working a long time in the trading business. I immediately pull her out of teaching in the afternoon and promote her to be my personal assistant to team with me to begin the trade school. God is humorous enough…hahahaha! It is another miracle.

At 4 pm, I had a meeting with the parents of our selected 8 youths. I explained the new free trade school. I ask for their understanding and supports. They are so thankful and exciting to know that I will stay in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia for three months (Sept-Nov) to train their children. Yes, they are thankful and relief to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I said, free. Yes, this is a pilot project. Each day the youths will spend 2 hours, 3-5pm, in the trade school training. I can’t wait to spend time to see God with them.

I was excited to meet up many of my great buddies in Kuala Lumpur, especially one of them came back from Switzerland. We talked, laughed… It was a wonderful night.

I have been taking a walk in the morning and at night. Yes, I am. The funniest thing is that I am taking Juju, my niece’s dog for a needed walk. Serious, I am. Another miracle, right! You know me, pet, dog???

Love you and hug the kids for me,

Your Love


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