Love Letter 3


I praise God for today.

I rest well last night. Nothing can compare to having a deep and restful sleep.

As I contemplating to put the training together for the trade school for our youth in the ESE centre, you know my mind is racing in many directions. At least, I found a pretty good PDF file, The 10-step process for developing training course. Here,
Currently, I am making list of tasks, as well as the skills and knowledge for the required task. A great help!

We redo our office and getting ready for the new program. We throw a bunch of old documents and cleaned up the filing cabinet. It is such a good feeling to have a “new” office. Thanks to my Personal Assistant.

Some of our youths put together some of the Ikea kitchen cabinets during their lunch break. We are blessed to get four kitchen cabinet for dirt cheap price during Ikea clearance sale in July. I just know our loving God is helping us. I feel His love.

Love to you.
From your sweetheart


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