Love Letter 4

Hi, honey,

I was up at 6 am this morning and was ready to travel to Penang with my brother at 6:30am. A girl from the children’s home was with us. She is going to train to serve in the elderly home in Penang.

There is an accountant, who is a Christian brother and a closed friend of my brother also going to Penang to help in a building project. I talked to him and asked him to help us with our taxes for the centres. He has just retired and ready to serve the Lord. As you know, retirement age in Malaysia is 55. I am so delighted to know the good Lord watching over us.

At about 8:30am, we arrived at Bidor in Perak State. We had a great dried wanton noodles and vinegar pork knuckles for breakfast. I know, it was an out of ordinary meal.

We were in Penang around 11am. The elderly home has not changed much, but many new subdivisions and high rises surrounded the place. Some of the staff, especially two of the ESE teens are veterans in serving the elderly residents and grown up to be young adults. They are contented and faithful in their serving. One of them bought an apartment and offer to have his parents living in it. That is the miracle of training ESE youth to serve in an elderly home. Amazing!

At about 12 noon, we had a delicious lunch. We had Cantonese fried beef noodle, steamed Thai fish head, fried bitter gourd with eggs, and stir-fried clams. Yummy! The fish dish is the best. Hahaha, you know I am so so with fish dish. But, this one is out of the world.

Around 2pm, we went to the west Penang to have a site visit. The home has a piece of land and getting ready to build a home for the destitute, single, and old folks. It near to a fishing village, as well as near to the sea. It is a beautiful place. We pray that God’s will be done.

On the way back, my brother bought me two durians, the king fruit. My goodness. I am contented. Later we had great fellowship, shared God’s mighty acts, and had some mangosteens, the queen fruit.

For dinner, we had sweet and sour crabs, Hainan chicken, steamed fish, vinegar pork knuckles (yes, again), and stir fry beans. I like the crabs and fish. Mmmmmmm…

My sister and I had a long talk after dinner. We see God in our life through our fellowship. Blessings, blessings, blessings. Praise Him.

Love from Penang, Malaysia





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