Love Letter 5

Dear love,

It was a fruitful day.

I had a great breakfast of chapatti, roti chanai, salted porridge, stewed chicken feet, and Malaysia coffee. Eating with my brother, the breakfast is out of ordinary.

After breakfast, I assessed one of the ESE young adult about his knowledge on number concept. He have learned the number concepts after 6 years serving in the elderly home. Praise God! I remember 10 years ago, he was not able to cook the right number of cup of rice. I ask one of the staff in the elderly home to teach him Bahasa Malaysia from the kindergarden level, so that he can read and he can get his driver license. The Spirit of God has mercy on him, gives him wisdom and grace to learn.

My brother, my sister, and I drove to Gurney Drive to attend the birthday lunch celebration of one of the God-fearing architects in Penang. We had a touching praise and worship, especially the hymn, Amazing Grace. “…my chains are gone…I have been set free…unending love…amazing God.”. I was set free once again!

They are two speakers. The first one is from
The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) Malaysia,

The message is about God is sovereign. He will have us transformed and impacted the nation.
Churches rise up!

The owner of the architect firm shares that we have challenges, we need to have solutions and very often, we need to get out of our thinking mode to solve problems. He stresses that he needs to follow His way. He wants God’s blessings and grace.
Yes, it is not about our way and our wisdom. It is about His guidance, inspiration and revelation.

Then we were blessed with a big Angbow (money in a red envelop) and a traditional Malaysian lunch: fried rice sticks, curry chicken with potatoes, rendang beef, rice, Nyonya kuih, fried chicken…birthday cake and ABC. This is the way he celebrates his birthday each year. Inspiring!

My brother and I left for Kuala Lumpur at 4pm. We reached home at 9. We stopped by Bidor, Perak at Yik Sang to had our dinner: steamed fresh fish, stir fry sweet potato leave, and yummy pumpkin tofu. I know, you are a fish lover, you will enjoy the fish.

How is your work? How is the weather?

From your love



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