Love Letter 6


Dear love

This is your favorite dessert, ABC. I had it at Little Gravings in One U.

The kindergarten needs a new coat of paint in and out. The principal and I went to the Ace Hardware bought nine 5-litre Nippon Creation Solution Paint outdoor painting . The local hardware shop has much cheaper price, but only a few colors selection. Thank God, Ace has a 15% discount for these particular paints. We selected dark purple, dark green, and bight yellow. The transformation begins.

I had a needed long nap in the afternoon before I went to The Saturday Celebration. It was a special treat. I was not awared how tired I was. Another deep sleep and good rest. One reason was that I went to bed late and got up around 5am. The mosquitoes were partly to blame. However, prayers and meditations followed to seek His face.

I attended the 5pm celebration. We sang Amazing grace, again. We need His grace and we need to be set free to serve Him. Praise Him!

The message from the Lord is about the prophet Nehemiah, chapter 5.

“Nehemiah confronted them. Got down to the root to settle. Sometime, we may need to confront and solve issues. Honest dialogues and conversations.

Make a covenant to care for the needy.
God will shake us up.
Commit to care for them.
Domestic worker, do we care for them?

1. Sacrificial
Willing to sacrifice
2. Righteous
A strong nation, company, organization
We are pro kingdom of God.

3. Devoted
Devoted to build the wall.
Refused to take advantage of

William Wilberforce
21 in parliament
25 conversion
Father of abolition of the slave trade in the British empire

God raised you up
Who can against you.

Everyone is Given a hope and a future.”

After the celebration, I went and ordered a 2.5 horse power air conditioner for the centre. The one we have is beyond repaired. We do need to have a good contractor to service our acs. The cost for maintenanous is crazy. Pray for a God-fearing and ethical one.

Since I was around Ikea area, I went there at 10pm. It opens till 11pm. I bought an Udden freestanding kitchen sink. I had been shopping around for one. I even went to a used kitchen store. The price is about 1/3 more than I want to pay. The custom made concrete base is RM280 per sq ft. This one is flexible. We can take it with us when we move centre. We can also add cabinets, drawer units, open wire shelves later as well. This kitchen is for our new training program, a trade school, for our ESE youth.

God has a future and a plan for you.

Love fr KL


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