Love Letter 8

I killed a cricket in the bathroom today.
I heard it sang all night yesterday.
I wonder how this creature came in my room.
I wonder.

It took me 2 1/2 hours put the information of John C. Maxwell, Your Roadmap for Success chapter 1 unto the power point. I shared it with the staff in the kindergarten. Maxwell defines success is a journey. The principles are concentrate on one main goal, concentrate on continual improvement, forget the past, and focus on the future. This study will go across KL office, PJ office, and Ipoh office. The 8 youths in the trade school as well.

You know my main goal is to help children with special needs. I praise Jesus that our students with autism and dyslexia after interventions and continual supports, they are learning each day and moving grade to grade. However, it is time for them to learn a trade and make a living. I am, right now, concentrate to set up a trade school for them. I want them to run a business. They will sell Saladmaster. At least two youths (18 and 19) will train to pursue this career. Another 6 youths will learn to support them. Pray for them. That is why we are getting the kitchen ready. The plumber is coming to put the sink, water pipings together for us.

My 6th sister invited my mom and I for a Hakka dish–stuffed eggplants, stuffed okras, stuffed hot peppers, and stuffed bean paste sheets. Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! Home cook food. Yummy!

How is the worship celebration on Sunday?

Love from KL




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