Love Letter 9

For these three days, the church has fast and prayers for 5:30am-7am. We praise and pray in the Spirit. Today message is about grow strong in the Spirit through prayers, reading His word, Christ dwells in our heart, and fill with all the fullness of God. Yesterday, the message is about remember God is in control, humble, confess, and repent. We were fill with the loving Spirit of God. Comforted and spirit-lifted.

I am greatly disturbed by some organization issues in the centers. I trust the Lord will direct and show ways to resolve them. God is merciful. Grants wisdom, inspiration, and revelation. Will share with you more how is our Lord clears the path. At least, now, I know, not by might or power, but by the Spirit of God.

The ESE trade school met officially yesterday. We had praise and worship. We checked their academic progress. We are learning about Holland’s interest and skills checklist. Will analyze them today. We focus to have them train to reach to their full potential. There are totally 9 youths participating in the training. We divided the task for the cooking demonstration on 27 and 29 of August. We will teach them grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.

The order for Saladmaster is placed. Most probably the order will be arriving in two weeks. We need to wire transfer the money today. Two of our youths will learn the skills and trade. Pray that they acquire the skills, have the strength, and enjoy the new adventure. We will support them and guide them. The kitchen, soon, will be ready. It is an amazing journey to watch how our God open the door.

My mom and I have lost 3-4 kg. I know partly is the cooking with Saladmaster and drinking with alkaline water, partly we have our walks each day. My mom walks with her neighbor and I walk with the dog, Juju. Yeah, you are right, the dog of my niece.

Love from KL




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