Love Letter 10

Hi, love,

USA is always ahead of any country. I am afraid, some practices are not keeping up with today world.

I was asked to sign the house refinancing loan document for the title company in the embassy office and then FedEx back to US from KL, Malaysia. For today technology, I believe it can be done through Skype or FaceTime. No. I have to do it the snail mail or the old fashioned way. Another challenge is that, I am going paperless. So, I will have to go to the school office and print the document out. However, next week is school holiday and Malay Hari Raya holiday. The school is closed.

The mosquitos have woke me up many times. I just have to turn on the electric mosquito aluminum mat or get a mosquito net. Waking up middle of the night is not a pleasant thing. So, I am making full use my waking hours–writing, planning, reading, praying.

The kitchen for the cooking school for the ESE youth is soon to be ready. The plumber and the electrician are going to work on it next week. We got the refrigerator, sink and kitchen cabinets. Sure, we do need to furnish it. We will get them done. Keep on praying to see Him for the preparation.

I trained two young adults to cook Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken in the cooking school two days ago. The team of 9 youths and a teacher enjoyed it so much. We all agreed that recipe will be in our selected list for the cooking school. Thanks to my sister for sharing the recipe.

Since the centre is not charging the youths for the pilot training program, we do have to spend money on grocery. One option is to collect their lunch money, so we did. They usually buy lunch from the near by restaurant and cost them RM5-10. We discussed and consented to collect RM5. The leader of the week collected the money from 8 youths and a teacher, total RM45. We paid for RM23 for the chicken, 2kg. Organic cucumber, tomato, and potato were RM5 for three bags. Coconut milk, RM2 and candlenut, RM1. 5 cups of Brown rice, 2 cups of shallot, some garlic, ginger were donated by my mom. I got the lemongrass from the container garden in the front yard. We spent RM31. It is amazing. Lol! We use the Saladmaster MP5 and Saladmaster 12″ electric skillet. Loving it. Delicious and healthy meal, for we used only 1 tsp olive oil for the cooking. My sister said she did not even put any oil for it. Unbelievable for cooking curry. Yes, a healthy cooking school is here.

On Thursday, my friend and I watch a musical drama, Paper Crane by local writer and composer and actors at KLPac in Sentul West, KL. There are two languages for the show, Cantonese and English. We truly enjoyed it. Despite the google map took us to a road of nowhere, because of the light train station, for the road leads to the place is cut off. We spent two and the half hours in the road. One part of the road lead us back to the town. Thank you, Jesus. My friend and I are a great team. We are not quitters. We arrived 25 mins late. The box office had mercy on us, allowed us to pay the tickets and gave us two better seats. The building is inspiring as well. It nears to the old railway depot. Loads of characters! On the way back, we were stuck in the traffic on Tenku Abdullah Man road. Hahaha! The Hari Raya is this weekend, the markets were crowded with shoppers at 11:30 pm. We make it home safely near midnight.

From KL






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