Love Letter 11


Follow up on signing the document for the bank on refinancing.

Now is Hari Raya in Malaysia. Monday and Tuesday are holidays. I can only take the trip to the US embassy in downtown Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Not that I am not doing it. I know the urgency. I have to print out the form in the office. The office is closed for a week, for it is also school holiday this week. Then go to the embassy. Then need to look for FedEx in KL. I wonder why can’t they change the procedure to using Skype or FaceTime. Then they will see me signing it in person on IPad and then I send it by email instantly. I did email and explain the situation back and forth. No. No. No. One of the officers said. Dinosaur management system!

Change is needed for banks. They can set the date for the closing to hit the target of the sale this month. It is not up to me to send it in on time. I have to wait till tomorrow. After i have it done. They still have to wait for the FedEx. Even FedEx is a snail mail now.

Love and Blessings from KL


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