Love Letter 12

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to our Muslim friends! Enjoy the family bonding time and friendships during this festive season! Today is the official day to be back to work for many business.

This morning, I prepared myself to follow the instruction from the bank in US, to drive to the embassy of the USA at downtown, Jalan Tun Razak, to have the refinance document from the bank’s title company to be signed and notarized.

Adventure began.

I left home at 7:45am. Went to the office to print the documents. Since this week is the school holiday, no single soul in the office. Thanks to my PA for given me the keys to the office. The office had changed the locks many times, the children in the centre have many ways to damage the locks. LOL!

After I printed the documents, I realized that I may need to bring my passport and permanent resident card to have the documents notarized. I went back home. However, I found out I lost the key for the trunk where I kept important documents. I broke the lock. Will have to fix it this week.

About 9am, I drove through town and parked for RM 8 near to the embassy. You can imagine, the line was long.


It was 9:30am. I went in at about 11:15am. After security checked, I took a number and sat and dozed off and waited. One officer said, I needed two witnesses. I was not about to go back and wait another few hours. She suggested me to ask those in the waiting area for help. I went and announced, “ladies and gentlemen, I need two witnesses to prove I am the person who signs a document…”. Boy! Immediately, I had a young man and a gentleman volunteers to do so. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you! My heart is still warmed from the two kind guys. God blessed them.

It costs USD 50 for the notarized document. (OUGH!)


I bought some Vtech Phones with message recorders from eBay for my mom and also for the centres. I have to pick them up in the post office near the LCC, low cost airport in Sepang. I drove for about 45 mins. They told me I have to apply permit for SIRIM in Shah Alam and asked me to call thm before I go. I called and was instructed to go to Sec. 2, SIRIM, block 25, counter 2. Mercy! After another 45 mins drive and went round and round PKNS building, I asked and told to turn right. The lady is the counter told me to read the notice and told me the office is closed till end of the week. I told her I called from the post office in the LCC low cost airport and was instructed… She said if you don’t believe you can drive to block 25. I did. There were three persons in the counter. The lights were off. The automatic door was not locked. I went in and they gave me instructions and forms, after I told them what I had been through. I have a long list of documentation to email in and asked to wait for instructions. … By then, it was about 4:20pm. I drove back home.

I was supposed to rest. Yet, I remembered I can call the FedEx to pick up the documents. After several attempts (Digi phone service is bad in our area), the wonderful customer service guy told me the pick up will be at our house before 6pm. It was 5pm. The driver came at 5:20pm. Yeah! My kind of model company. The documents are on the way, okay!

Just have to take it easy and rest for the rest of the day! Will call you all tonight. JJ called me FaceTime this morning at 9:30am KL time. I was running around.

I just took the dog for a stroll in the neighborhood. I saw the most beautiful yellow bird. You can read more about it wiki


click timeoutkl

Missed missed missed from KL


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