Love Letter 13


The kitchen for ESE trade school is in. Yeah bought from Ikea.


The lights, outlets, switches were in the process two days ago.


So glad to be able to FaceTime and Message through iPhone and iPad. Your company makes a good decision. Now, I can communicate to you easily.

Even though the centre for ESE has a week off for the Muslims’ New Year as well as the school holiday, I had to be in the office for the plumber and electricians. It was a miraculous experience to see the left front vacant room(about 700 sq ft) in the building going through the process of transformation to a great kitchen for cooking school. A trade school for ESE youth should be ready soon be the end of this month. Nevertheless, the preparation can be overwhelming, I just have to spend more time to pray, and pray, and pray for wisdom and discernment for this ministry and training program. Now the sink is in. All the outlets and lights installed. It is amazing! I am waiting for the 2.5 horsepower air-conditioner to be installed this week.

Tomorrow we will have out first official cooking demonstration training. We have divided our nine youths into teams for different duties. Then, one of my team leaders and I will demonstrate how to do the cooking presentation for the youths. On Wednesday, two of the young adults will join in for the presentation with the rest of the youths for the class teachers. Exciting! Right!

Love you from KL


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