Search my heart

Search my heart
Search my soul

Seek your presence
Seek you righteousness

Almighty God
Source of Living water

Take away my pains
Take away my bias
Take away my hidden hatred

Pure in heart
See you
Receive your kingdom

The joy of the Lord
Is my strength
The joy of the Lord
The joy of the Lord
Is my strength



Why Am I

If it is not for the Lord,
why am I working days and nights,
Why am I doing things out of my personality, character, and preference,
Why am I emptying my bank,
Why am I single-handedly carrying the burden,
Why am I tolerating temporary separated from my love ones,
Why am I going that extra miles,
Why am I allowing …

To live and glorify Him. Yes, Lord. Praise you, Lord.

You are worthy to be praise! Your grace is enough for me.
Your presence, I see each day.
Thank you.

Grace I receive each day
Grace I release each day