The Future Glory


The Future Glory



Waiting eagerly
Waiting patiently
Waiting confidently

The Holy Spirit prays for us
Jesus prays for us

God as a partner
All things work together
All things are fitting into a plan
For good to those who love God
For those who love God
For those who are called
According to His design
According to His purpose

God choses us
To become
Like His son

God choses us
God calls us
To come to Him

God accepts us
God shares His glory with us

God makes us right with Him
God gives us His glory

Meditation on Romans 8: 18-30


New Way of Living


Picture was taken from An American Aircraft on the way from Tampa to Texas

New Way of Living

United with the resurrected Christ
We can
Produce a harvest of good deeds
For God
In the new way of living
In the spirit

Life in the Spirit

Belong to Christ Jesus
No condemnation

The life-giving Spirit
Free us

Christ died for us
We are in Him
We are in His Spirit
We belong to Him
Christ lives within us
Have life
Have peace

Children of God
Call Him, “Abba, Father

Meditation on the Message, Romans 8:1-17

Deeper Life


Deeper Life


Packed up
Left for good

Packed up
Left sin country
Enter grace county

A new land
A new life

Into the water
Into the burial of Jesus
Raised up out of the water
Raised up with the Resurrection of Christ
Raised into a light-filled world
So we can see the road

Old way of life
Nailed to the old rugged cross with Christ
Good bye
Old way of life
Sin-miserable life
Good bye

Christ died
Took sin down with him
Christ alive
Christ brings God down to us

We are dead to sin
We are alive to God

Living in the freedom of God
Full time
The ways of God
He is the new master
Listening to Him
Walking in the newness of life
A whole life
A healed life
A real life
An eternal life

Meditation on the Message, Romans 6

Chinese Vegetarian Saladmaster Rice Noodle


Yummy! My favorite dish.
I like it.

1 bag (1lb) rice noodle
Soaked in water for 15 minutes
Drained on colander
Mixed with 1 tbs sesame oil
Mixed with 1 tbs soy sauce


1 tsp oil on a preheat Saladmaster Braiser pan
Evenly coated
Spread 1/2 of the rice noodle
Pan fry till crispy
Stir and fry
Stir and fry 2nd half without oil


Cut strips
1 soft tofu
1 carrot
1/2 can of bamboo shoots
1 lb shanghai bakchoy
4 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp cooking oil
Cook them on a preheat Braiser pan for 3 mins


Add 4 cans condensed mushroom soup (are they vegan?) or homemade mushroom soup
Add and stir slowly in 6-8 cans of water
Cover and cook till bubbly

Add the fried noodle
Tossed and serve



I used to cook with load of oil. Now with Saladmaster, that is the difference.