Asian Vegetarian Must Try

I am putting my favorite Asian dishes together.
I am preparing myself for the change.
I will modified and changed them into yummy daily dishes.
I will use Saladmaster to cook them. Of course!

Here are the sites:
Korean dishes
1. Korean Japchae , beef will be omitted.
2. Korean Eggplant
3. Korean Green Onion Pancake
4. Korean Soy Milk Noodle
5. Korean Sweet Potato Rice

Nyonya Dishes
6. Vegetarian Curry, shrimp paste will be omitted.
7. Acar (Spicy Mixed Vegetable Pickle), I cooked this dish years ago. It is a cold salad. I can keep them in the fridge and enjoy it whenever I need that spicy kick.
8. Vegetarian Stew
9. Stir-Fry Vegetable
10. Vegan Yum Cake. It may not be your regular. I grown up with this for breakfast or snack. May not be a Nyonya dish.

Will add more later as I put my list together.

Alright, personally, I do know how to cook many vegetable stir-fry dishes. Will share them when I can, especially, when I am back to Tampa for a month long break.


This is an Indian Fried Dhal Cake. I love it. Yeah. I usually have it for breakfast or snack. I bought this from a Mamak restaurant next to our centre for the special needs.


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