The 3-3-3 Way to Revamp my Plant-based Diet

This picture was taken at the EAP of PCRM training in Arlington, TX. That was the breakfast line. Yum!

According to the book, The Cancer Survivor’s Guide: Food that help you fight back by Dr. Neal Barnard and Jennifer K. Reilly, I list down the “3-3-3 way to revamp” my diet to a plant-based diet:

Plant-based Meal planning

Three meals I like to eat without meat and fat:
1. Tofu with bean paste sauce
2. Spicy Eggplant
3. Porridge with vegetarian condiments (boiled peanuts, Chinese pickle, fermented salty tofu)

Three meals I like to eat with meat and fat in the past, now can be modified:
1. Curry vegetable
2. Vegetarian Singapore Noodle
3. Vegan Tom Yum soup

Three meals I like to try:
1. Ten-Minute Tostadas (p. 211)
2. Chickpea Burgers (p. 204)
3. Mushroom Stroganoff over Fettuccine (p.194)

The authors suggest that I got everything I needed to begin a plant-based diet.

Don’t worry, I do not have cancer, okay.
I just want to be healthy and fit.
I am certified as an Educational Alliance Partner of PCRM in Malaysia to offer the Food for Life program. Not now, as I am on “vacation” in Tampa, FL till January 7, 2013, I will do so when I am going back there. Hopefully I will be blessed and many will be blessed by the program.

I can’t wait.
Right now, I am trying to translate the book in Chinese Mandarin for the upcoming training in January. As for the food is very American, I am exploring to make it suitable for Malaysian. Ya, I do need approval to do so. Yet, I enjoy the challenges.


Do you know you can be an instructor as well?
Check PCRM website. Be blessed!


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