You know you’re a true blue Malaysian when you go all out and try to replicate the food from home, notwithstanding the dire lack of ingredients. Unlike the lucky Malaysians in London and US, it is much, MUCHHHH harder to get Asian food and ingredients in Italy. I turn green whenever I read blogs like RasaMalaysia , in her case, a Malaysian living in US. Whenever she feels a craving for food such as Mee Goreng (Fried Yellow Noodles) or Loh Bak or Assam Laksa, all she needs to do is go to the Asian Store, presumably in China Town, and she can get her yellow noodles, tofu, daun kesum (polygonum leaves), lemongrass etc.


Poor ol’ me does not have a China Town to go to 😦 I cannot get tofu, lemongrass, yellow noodles, belacan, curry powder etc here. The nearest relatively well-stocked Asian store is in Bologna, about…

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