Her Story, Mom has a Child with Autism

A Mom who has a child with autism shares


January 31, 2013

Dear Pastor,

I would like to express my utmost sincere thanks to you and your team at Katsu for my son, XX’s character, behavior and educational development and progress for the past 7 years.

You and the team who are caring and passionate enough to take in XX 7 years ago despite all the challenges that we face in handling XX’s personality and behavior patterns.

I am very pleased that XX has progressed from not knowing how to read, write and communicate to what he is today. He couldn’t even hold a pencil at age six and his temper, cries and fights could have driven anyone to give up and let go. Those were the nightmare days. However, your team has the Grace and Love of God to continue to nurture XX.

The reading and writing skills taught to XX have opened up his world in communication and amassing knowledge. In fact, XX now reads the Bible more than me and is disciplined in following and carrying out what are instructed whether by teachers or by me, as long as we explain to him the underlying reasons for doing certain tasks or responsibilities. His hugs and pats for me, touch and soothe every bit of my heart and soul.

For 2013, I pray for a breakthrough in XX’s social communication and interaction. I explained to XX that he has to improve on this aspect as these are necessary skills for his work, family and social well being. XX affirms: “Yes, I understand, Ma”.

May the Lord Bless You and Your Team Abundantly!

XX’s Mummy


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