His Story, Dyslexic

Hello, my name is Jonathan Tan, and I was diagnosed with dyslexia at Katsu Training and Development..

When I was 8, I struggled in school. Whether i was hardworking or not, things were just not getting through me.. I just hated school because I couldn’t achieve the results my friends could. Even worst, i was caned for my disability with reason of laziness.. For I knew I was not lazy for I had faithfully handed in my work everyday.. Who likes being caned for what you are not guilty of? It’s like dropping into a trap and was scolded for tripping it.. And in time, I slowly did became lazy, and soon later naughty.. And the caning kept coming but I felt it was right because I was what the teacher said I was..

When I came to Katsu, I was the worst I could be.. I had no confident,I hated school ,and I was like a little devil created on earth by my anger and misbehavior, but everything changed when I was there. The teachers treated me with love and believed in me, instead of scolding and punishment.. And in time, I was soon able to read and write rather flawlessly.Though I believe I had gained more than that. I had my confident back, and I started enjoying to come to school.. I believe you could say I had become an angel now? Haha.. Its because someone had believed in me.

In this learning center, I was not just taught to read and write, but more than that.I was taught to be more like Christ. To show love before I am loved, to treat people like how I treat myself, and to give instead of taking.. These are just the many few characters of Christ that I am sharing with you. And its because of Christ, I am a different person today.

Though I have not yet finish my studies. I am doing rather well. I am a boss of my very own trading company…Jon’sTradeHouse. And a freelance professional dancer.. I have high hopes of becoming an international recognized dancer with a multi-billion-dollar trading company.. In the process, I would also like to share the Love that was given to me for Free..

Today, I am most appreciative to God who had blessed me with such a wonderful Mom, who had made one of the most difficult decisions of her life under the worst conditions one could imagine, which had saved me from a life time of suffering. I am also thankful for the amazing teachers and Pastor Serena, who had brought me up in such a loving and caring environment..

I hope my life story could inspire you to always believe in your child in the worst of conditions.. Because all we need is just that extra push of faith. Don’t give up because God had already written your Child’s Legacy to a blessing to the next generation.

(Student is studying Grade 10. He came in 2006 when he was 12, and learned reading in Katsu. As of today, he has finished 9 set/level text books for the past 6-7 years. Praise God!)



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