calls me
“dumb pumpkin”

I am
Late bloomer
For art

Take lengthy time into

I am ready
An Adventure


What do I want for Christmas 2011, 2012?
Abiding in the Loving God
Building Agape relationship
Celebrate each day with His joy
Deepening my thoughts through meditations
Extending my territories for His wonders
Forgive and forget
Generate Beauty out of…
Highlight grace
Initiate creativity
Keeping in touch with loved ones
Love God and others
Master skills
Nominate good deeds
Observe wonders each day
Ponder and pray
Question own motive
Share laughters
Training and teaching
U turn if needed
Worship Him
Xtra miles for Him
Yes to the Agape Lord
Zooming in His way

more about me

I live in Tampa, FL, USA
I also live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Happily married
Have two college young adults

Yes, I am a Chinese
But, I am not from China
Yes, I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yes, I am a Christ’s follower
Yes, I am a Christian

I work with children with special needs
No. They are not mentally retarded

Yes, I had my Master degree in Exceptional Student Education (ESE)
Yes, I am serving God among children with special needs in Malaysia



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