Vegetarian Quesadilla

20140622-232657-84417691.jpgsimple recipe

I just put one flour tortilla on the skillet on low, out some cheese, some hand mashed white bean, some sliced tomatoes, and some baby spinach and more cheese on half of the tortilla, fold and press and brown both side on medium heat.


Storm of Life

Be Still

Be strong in The Lord
Be strong in His mighty power

Put on the full armor of God
So that

You can take your stand against the devil’s schemes

Stand firm
With the belt of truth

The truth is He is Alive
The truth is He is the Light
The truth sets us FREE
The truth is there will be no condemnation
The truth is He is for us, who can against us

Stand firm
With the breast plate of righteousness

Stand firm
With the Gospel of peace on our feet

Stand firm
With the shield of faith
Extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one

Stand firm
With the helmet of salvation

Stand firm
With the sword of the Spirit–the word of God

Pray in the Spirit
On all occasions
With all kinds of
Prayers and requests

Meditation on Ephesians 6: 10-18

Silence to Tsunami

When you reach 57
You know
The storms in life
Are real

As a God’s child
I declare in His name

To junk
In the house
In the closet
On the bookshelves

Four centers
For children with specials needs
In Malaysia

Family members

For 2014
Loving God,
“I want your entire attention.”

I read His word
I talk to Him
Wait for instructions
Carry out instructions

To tsunami

Screaming of the special needs community in Malaysia…beyond

Get the right intervention. Then your child with autism will be sitting next to you and having meals with you as one of the family members.

Make your child as creative
Guide your child as fun as possible
Lead your child to go through the tough love and must do…
Even they scream
Even they yell
Even they fuss…

Sayang, sayang
Darling, darling
Sweetie pie, sweetie pie
Pumpkin, pumpkin…

Mom and dad
Teachers and aunties and uncles
Granny and grand papa

Screaming and crying in our hearts
Tears drop in silence
Tears drop after you go to bed
Tears row down uncontrollable
Whenever and wherever

We love you…
We are trying to work with you

You scream outward
We scream inward

Oh! Tuhan (God) has eyes
Oh! Tuhan (God) has ears

See us through
Hear us again and again

God, from the bottom of my heart
I know you are giving me the wisdom

God, from the bottom of my heart
I know you are with me and my child (children)

Thank you, Tuhan, from the bottom of my heart.
By CLT Pang

In God’s time
He Makes all things beautiful

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Put my thoughts
In your light

Take my dreams
Under your wings
Fly fly fly

Keep my secrets
Each time you shine
I see your light

by Serena Teo
Oct. 8, 2013

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Picture: Istanbul