Daily Blessings

Come to Him

He gives you

He blesses you
He favors you
He restores you
He heals you
He protects you
He gives you wealth


(Reflection on Joseph Prince’s Devotiontoday

A picture was taken in downtown Jakarta



Touch me

Touch me
Give me

Touch my mouth
Touch my head
Touch my heart

Speaking building words
Thinking mysteries of Yours
Having love of Yours

Don’t be afraid
Be strong
Be good courage

Everything will be alright

Courage surges up
Within me

Illy coffe in Kuningan City, Jakarta



God’s Chosen
From the very beginning

God’s Grace
His undeserved kindness

God’s Kindness
Not by my good works

God’s Grace
Free and undeserved

God’s Favor
Found by God’s Chosen

God’s Salvation
Is available
Is life

God’s Blessing
Accept it

God’s Mercy
Is for everyone

God’s Gifts
God’s Call
Can never be withdrawn

God’s Riches
God’s Wisdom
God’s Knowledge
Oh, how great!

All Glory to God forever! Amen.

Meditation on NLT, Romans 11

New Way of Living


Picture was taken from An American Aircraft on the way from Tampa to Texas

New Way of Living

United with the resurrected Christ
We can
Produce a harvest of good deeds
For God
In the new way of living
In the spirit

Life in the Spirit

Belong to Christ Jesus
No condemnation

The life-giving Spirit
Free us

Christ died for us
We are in Him
We are in His Spirit
We belong to Him
Christ lives within us
Have life
Have peace

Children of God
Call Him, “Abba, Father

Meditation on the Message, Romans 8:1-17