Autism warfare

Dear God
Training parents
With autism
As if
Going to a warfare

Keep me
Lead me
Fill me

Dear God
Training teachers
Who are teaching
As if
Going to a warfare

Help them
Touch them
Give them hearts of compassion
Take away the temptation of money


A free talk on overcoming learning disabilities in Kuching, Sarawak



A Chinese student with learning challenges shares her struggles in Mandarin in the remediation center, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


上一年级了, 刚开始都很高兴,因为有很多朋友在那里,我很开心。
本来上课很兴奋,平时我上课时爱作梦,脑海里都是漫画戏。所以我每天都会被老师骂。我第一次考试都不及格,所以我都会被妈咪打骂。后来,我第二次考试到50,60分。如果,在学校里算是及格,只是妈咪觉得很差,所以妈咪都给我补习。每次补习都很累,我还要读 ejaan 和读听写要读很多次才会。如果不会的话,就要被妈咪打骂。经过妈咪的努力和教导后,终于得到了80%。



A Dyslexic Story

Hi, My name is Simon Tan. I am 16 years old and I have dyslexia.

I studied at Sin Ming Chinese school, when I was in primary school. I did not do well in school. My report card was all red marks. I did not like school because I cannot read well the words and understand it although I tried my best. I have great difficulty coping with three languages (Chinese, English, and Bahasa Malaysia) taught in school. The teachers punished me. They say I’m lazy.

I have two brothers who have dyslexia. My mother noticed that I have the same characteristics and difficulties as my brothers. She had me tested by Pastor Serena. She took me out of school and I joined my brother, Jonathan at Katsu when I was 9 years old.

I started the reading program with Jonathan. This is the best thing that happened to us. In 6 months we could read, write, and spell words that we could not spell before. I met many amazing people having the same problems as me. I started learning phonics and I was able to understand the words after I have learned the phonics. Slowly everyday I improved. I was able to work on my own after 6 months of training. I became independent, helpful, and hard working. I have purpose and even thought about writing a book. I like all my teachers and they encourage me in my studies and writing.

After 7 years studying at Katsu, I became much better at reading and writing. I am more disciplined and helpful.

I am thankful my mother is my advocate. She made so many sacrifices for me. I love my mother for helping me to become what I am today.

Now I would like to be a Hotel Owner. My ambition is to have a Multi-Billion-Dollar Hotel where all the rich and famous will come and enjoy my luxurious hotel.

Thank you,
Simon Tan